Spinach and Mashed Potato at Piece Brewery & Pizzeria

1927 W. North


It might sound like carbohydrate overkill: hearty scoops of homemade mashed potatoes and handfuls of fresh spinach atop thin, hand-tossed crust, baked New Haven-style. And in fact the Pieceniks say spinach ’n’ spud isn’t one of the most popular combos. But if you like food with complex textures, it can’t be beat. Because of my neurotic fear of white pizza’s oil content and its potential to add mass to the ass, I’ve only ever tried this combo with red sauce—sweet and a bit spicy, but not overly so. The spinach topping is $1.75, the mashed potato $2, and considering how filling this combo is, a little goes a long way. Of course Piece doesn’t sell by the slice, so you’ll have to buy a whole pie; reheated in the oven, this manna loses none of its magic.