Credit: Chris Sweda

There are probably dozens (all right, maybe a dozen total) Mexican restaurants in Chicago that serve a really good Milanesa torta. Once in a blue moon, the breaded pork cutlet won’t be fried to oblivion, the toppings will be fresh, and the bread will be pillowy and warm. For all those restaurants’ best efforts, no Milanesa sandwich can compete with the Milanesa cemita at Cemitas Puebla. Technically, a “cemita” is the sesame seed bun on which the sandwich is served. At Cemitas Puebla, the bun is stacked with meat (pork Milanesa is one of seven options) and slathered with avocado and a smoky-sweet-briny chipotle jam that’s made in-house, then topped with stretchy Oaxacan cheese and a peppery, citrusy herb called papalo. It’s really something. Even Guy Fieri agreed when he visited with his show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives a couple years ago. But he probably said it was “out of bounds” or “money” or something like that. I’d agree with the most effusive endorsement.