Negroni Slushy Credit: Julia Thiel

There’s one major problem I’ve encountered with Parson‘s slushy machine. Though the machine churns Letherbee gin, Luxardo, sweet vermouth, and lemon juice into the beverage I’ve been longing for my entire adulthood—the Negroni Slushy, an absurdly splendid marriage of the refreshing and the bitter—I’ve been unable to enjoy it to its fullest potential (fullest potential being a dozen Negroni Slushies a week) due to the gazillions of other people who always seem to have beat me to the explosively popular restaurant. Even before Parson’s opened, it was dubbed “Big Star North,” and the prophecy has exceeded its own expectations—as have the wait times. The only thing worse than Negroni Slushy brain freeze is the headache that accompanies having to wait (and wait and wait) for one. Of course, you can always go ahead and order the carafe.