Credit: Courtesy Approaching Happiness

Last June local artist Tiffany Pruitt scored herself a Brother Entrepreneur 6 (the mother of all embroidery machines) and with the help of fellow artist Mike Simi started Approaching Happiness, “R-rated custom embroidery for the masses.” For now they primarily operate through Instagram, where they first caught my eye with a nearly perfect T-shirt featuring an embroidered John Goodman and Roseanne Barr. Since then one of their most popular designs (and the company’s sort of unofficial motto)—fuck you, i’m perf—has made its way onto patches, T-shirts, pillows, and most everything else that can be slid through Pruitt’s embroiderer. Other designs include a pillow that says smother yourself, T-shirts reading drink about me, and a Google-inspired Slayer logo, all priced between $20 and $35. Pruitt also takes requests; she’s recently started doing custom patch, sweatshirt, and beer-tap designs for Little Goat Diner and Pipeworks Brewing Company. I personally lay my head to rest on a floral pillow that reads fancy as fuck, which perfectly captures Pruitt’s unique blend of femininity and foul language.