Credit: Courtesy Knee Deep

I can’t speak to the women’s selections, but for my money Knee Deep Vintage in Pilsen has the best men’s vintage clothes anywhere in Chicago. I was hipped to the shop by my brother, who has a really sharp suit he bought there for a paltry $50. That was four years ago, and since then I’ve procured virtually every button-up shirt in my closet, a few polos, a couple of sport coats, and a vintage corduroy bomber jacket that one online outfit is selling for $150 (I bought it for $30). Owner Carlos Lourenco has impeccable taste, and he offers his finds for absurdly low prices. I was hesitant to write this place up, since I’m so reliant on it for my wardrobe. But the thing about Knee Deep is that the store is always filled with stuff, and almost all of what’s available is high quality. The only way I could walk out empty-handed is if the store were carrying literally nothing.