Credit: David Reithoffer

The LGBT running and walking club goes all out for marathoners, treating them not only to water and Gatorade but also to a choreographed stage show at the eight-mile mark in Lakeview. The routine changes each year—last year’s theme was gay football—but a constant are the male cheerleaders, in skirts and with pom-poms, who hand out the liquids. More than 170 volunteers pitch in. Frontrunners has been helping out at the marathon since 1989. In the mid-1990s, volunteer coordinator David Reithoffer learned that in the New York Marathon, volunteers from that city’s chapter of Frontrunners were dressing in tuxes and serving marathoners water from silver trays. “I thought, ‘If they’re doing that, we can do something special, too,'” Reithoffer says.