Credit: Courtesy I Am Home

Trophies You Deserve from I Am Home

Though I feel I’ve accomplished a lot in my life, when I gaze upon my shelves I realize I don’t have much to show for it—though, yes, there’s my college diploma and that photograph of me with 1998 Olympic Gold medalist Tara Lipinski. Look, not everyone can be a “champion athlete” or an “award-winning filmmaker” or a “participant” amassing trophies and medals and other acknowledgments of success. But does that make us, the undecorated survivors of the daily struggle, any less worthy of something shiny to call our own? The people at I Am Home sure don’t think so. Their line of Trophies You Deserve is made for everyone; they carry messages such as “You should have won,” “At least you tried,” and “Pretty good” etched onto the bottom of colorfully painted wooden pedestals with sparkling models of tennis players, karate masters, or arm wrestling champs perched on top. My trophy of choice features a pale pink Virgin Mary balanced atop a miniature disco ball with an engraved plate that reads “You fucking did it.” Now that’s something to be proud of.