Jeffrey Cannon gives two-step dance lessons at the Empty Bottle. Credit: Andrea Bauer

The Hoyle Brothers wind up the after-work crowds with an old-school honky-tonk throwdown at the Empty Bottle every Friday at 5:30 PM, and for the past ten years, nearly all their shows have included local dance instructor Jeffrey Cannon. A Texas native who studied ballet in college, he’s also a lifelong lover of country music. He met the Hoyles in 2001 after his favorite country bar, Whiskey River (now the PAWS adoption center), closed down; a friend suggested he get his fix at their Hideout residency instead, and he’s hung around them ever since. Cannon says he’ll start dancing by himself at their shows, and if he sees people picking up on his energy or trying to follow his moves, he’ll break into a lesson. If you see him with the Hoyle Brothers and you want to learn how to two-step, he says you shouldn’t be afraid to ask—his lessons are free. And in case you were wondering, he’s pretty damn good at swing dancing too.