The website for Jim Coudal’s design, advertising, and interactive studio is not what you’d expect. Want to know what sorts of digital museums people are maintaining to share their “interests and obsessions” with the Internet? Check out Coudal’s Museum of Online Museums, a long list of links to collections and archival sites ranging from the Museum of Temporary Art to a gallery of Slovakian book covers. Looking for a quick link to something unfamiliar and thought-provoking? Subscribe to Coudal’s “Fresh Signals” RSS feed and spend hours checking out links to webplaces such as the Smithsonian’s online archive of seed catalogs, a gallery of high-fashion barnyard animal portraits, a Tube map of British comedy, and an infographic showing how your father’s favorite music influences your own taste. In addition to being expertly curated, the site—which is Chicago-based but far from Chicago-centric—places local designers and creatives side by side with their peers in far-flung places, cultivating a community based around exposure to new, sometimes even groundbreaking ideas. —Lauri Apple