Running a DIY venue is a rough business—not only do you always have to try to always avoid the cops (always), but the people you actually want at your shows can be a huge pain in the ass too. Bringing music to the masses can feel like a thankless task—especially the next morning, when you have to deal with piles of beer cans and cigarette butts and a wrecked living space that may have not been all that livable in the first place. (That’s not even mentioning the blown-out utility bills.) Unsurprisingly, DIY venues are as quick to shutter as they are to pop up, and this constant shuffling of the underground can make it tough to keep up with what’s happening where. It’s nice to have a website that’ll do the work for you and collect all the upcoming shows at “venues” that don’t have a sound guy or toilet paper in the bathroom. At you can find a message board and a sometimes sketchy list of concerts that usually stretches about a month into the future. Run by a self-described “collective,” the site accepts postings—mostly of the hardcore-punk variety—via e-mail and gives the shows a little bump of publicity . . . but not too much.