Credit: Doodlebooth

Tiny bottles of bubbles are great and everything, but wedding guests (or guests at any other event, for that matter) could go home with an infinitely cooler souvenir: a hand-drawn portrait, courtesy of Doodlebooth. It’s not a caricature. Illustrator Jana Kinsman, who runs the one-woman show, has a style that’s simple, quick, and so frickin’ adorable you’ll make it your profile picture the second you get a chance. Doodlebooth has a flat rate for the day, depending on how fancy you prefer your doodles—for company events, a custom footer can be added to each drawing—so the service is free for guests. What’s more, Kinsman will travel virtually anywhere to draw at your event. Her cheery drawings and friendly attitude will charm even the soberest guests. A tiny drawstring bag of Jordan almonds isn’t gonna do that.