Credit: Anjali Pinto

Let’s play a game. I’ll recite descriptions from sommelier Jeremy Quinn’s swoon-worthy wine list. You tell me which rhapsodic passage sounds most like your soul mate: “wildly unique, slightly hazy, with a soft, persistent sparkle” (that’s for you stoner bohemians); “gorgeous” and “radically natural” with a “savage drive” (exhausting, sure, but worth the effort); “earthy and dark” at first, but in the end “elegant and silky” (in case you’re seeking something a bit more refined); “stunning” and able to “knock my socks off with its utter suavity and sexiness” (not even the hardest-to-please oenophile can resist that one). Quinn has a thing for unusual Europeans—French and Italian in particular—and his taste is sublime. Overwhelmed by the options? Just close your eyes and point.