Cannabis: Best of Chicago 2020
Credit: Illustration by Jason Wyatt Frederick

From Brianna Wellen’s introduction, “Losses and gains: Best of Chicago 2020”:

Some business to get out of the way: the reader poll results were determined by you, the readers! If you’re angry about the results, you only have yourselves to blame! Let this be a reminder to keep a close eye on when voting begins next year so you can campaign for your favorites to get the top spot. Or better yet, share your own losses and gains on social media and tag us @Chicago_Reader with the hashtags #bestofchi and #BoC2020. Tell us what made your year worthwhile, shine a light on the people, places, and things that helped you survive, and we’ll share with our followers. I should also acknowledge that a lot of writers’ picks skew to the north side, in part because we weren’t leaving our homes and that’s where many of us live. It’s something we recognize and are always working on changing—I hope this encourages all folks reading this to look beyond those borders.

Review the closed ballot to see all the finalists.

Best cannabis chef

Mindy Segal

Runner-up: Manny Mendoza

Best Cannabis company to work for

Cresco Labs

Runner-up: Green Thumb Industries

Best clinic to get a medical card

Mauricio A. Consalter

Runner-up: Innovative Express Care

Best concentrate

Cresco Rollins Live Budder

Runner-up: Rythm

Best edible

Mindy’s Chef Led Artisanal Edibles

Runner-up: Incredibles

Best grow support group

Medical Cannabis DIY

Runner-up: Chicago Roots Hydroponics + Organics

Best Home Grow Supply Shop/Service

Chicago Roots Hydroponics + Organics

Runner-up: Brew & Grow

Best infused gummies

Mindy’s Chef Led Artisanal Edibles

Runner-up: Wana by Grassroots

Best local CBD source

Half Day CBD

Runner-up: Higher Healing

Best medical budtender

Quinn Stifler at Dispensary 33

Runner-up: Brandon Sherlock at Rise Niles

Best medical cannabis dispensary

Dispensary 33

Runner-up: Sunnyside

Best pain relief balm

Avexia Pain Relief Balm Harmony 1:1

Runner-up: PTS Pure Essentials Body Oil

Best place to buy pipes and bongs


Runner-up: Canna Bella Lux

Best rec dispensary

Dispensary 33

Runner-up: Greenhouse Skokie

Best strain for enhanced sexual pleasure

Ice Cream Cake

Runner-up: Afternoon Delight #7

Best strain for pain relief

Orange Herijuana

Runner-up: Cresco Face Mints

Best strain for relief of anxiety

Kosher Kush

Runner-up: Cresco LA Wedding Pop

Best strain for sleep

Cresco Bio Jesus

Runner-up: Bubba Fett

Most socially conscious cannabis company in Illinois

Cresco Labs

Runner-up: Green Thumb Industries


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