Every beautiful day last summer was like torture to me—a reminder that the pandemic had closed off almost everything I love about the season. Thankfully I could still get a taste of that old summertime feeling from the video for “Mmhmm,” by teenage west-side rap duo DCG Brothers. Chicago video collective No More Heroes brought Shun and Bsavv and regular collaborator Msavv to a Los Angeles golf course, where they worked with director Josh Jones to create a visual analogy for the joy bursting from DCG’s minimalist drill-pop favorite. Dressed in pastel polo shirts buttoned all the way up, the MCs race golf carts, crouch down to rap at golf balls from inches away (shots that could be homages to Happy Gilmore), and dance like they’ve got the entire course to themselves. My favorite moment is 14 seconds in: the three rappers stand in a row, each in front of a golf cart, coolly resting their crossed hands on the caps of their clubs’ grips, and lip-synch to Bsavv’s blunt, springy hook while nodding along vigorously to Spank Onna Beat’s bone-dry percussion and pounding bass. The rappers balance rambunctiousness and menace, and their deft, tightrope-walking verses give “Mmhmm” an extra shot of adrenaline. The song makes it clear these three have tons of fun sharing the mike, and the video is even more contagious. I only wish DCG Brothers had released it earlier in the summer.