Readers’ Poll Winners
Best local band that’s been around forever
Best new local band
Best local rock band
Best local hip-hop artist
Best local metal band
Best jazz musician
Best blues band
Best country band
Best singer-songwriter
Best local DJ
Best band name
Best local music blog
Best nightlife blogger
Best bartender
Best local label
Best party promoter
Best musical festival
Best music venue
Best rock club
Best hip-hop club
Best jazz club
Best blues club
Best underground music venue
Best dance club
Best dance party
Best LGBT dance party
Best gay bar
Best lesbian bar
Best nongay gay bar
Best anything-goes club
Best new bar
Best dive bar
Best neighborhood bar
Best hotel bar
Best 4 AM bar
Best strip club
Best casino
Best smoking area
Best photobooth to make out in
Best jukebox
Best karaoke
Reader Critics’ Picks
Best bartender
Best band-on-band synergy
Best musical wunderkind who could use a nap
Best jazz musician
Best dancing front man
Best go-go dancers
Best show that made me feel like I bathed in radioactive grime
Best local DJ on Twitter
Best local response to a national music meme
Best musical YouTube sensation
Best Chicago dance-music style to recently go global
Best local reunion show
Best new band that will make you think it’s 1995 again
Best weekly live-music gig
Best bluegrass music series
Best experimental-music resource
Best late-season festival surprise
Best merch
Best reinvention of an old medium
Best local sports icon unconventionally reinterpreted as the face of Midwestern microscenes
Best place to hear work by Wandelweiser Group composers
Best place to hear a band of nine-year-old girls that sounds like the Urinals
Best urinal
Best venue to escape a bad opening band
Best nontraditional music venue
Best beer inspired by a Chicago band
Best karaoke venue that gives you a plate of bacon if you buy two pitchers of beer
Best bar for drinking on pocket change
Best place to lose at pool
Best bar that’s 15 feet wide
Best place to watch people dance to the jukebox