Best of Chicago 2020

Best of Chicago 2020 poll winners have been published. That’s just part of Best of Chicago 2020.

Distribution of the Best of Chicago 2020 print special issue begins on Wednesday, March 17, and will continue through Thursday, March 18. The issues is also available as a free PDF download.

First-place winners can request a digital badge here.

You can review all the finalists here on the closed ballot below. Votes on this final ballot were accepted from January 5 to February 8, 2021.

The choices in each ballot category are those nominated most often by voters in an earlier nominating round (November and December 2020).

Seven categories were themselves the top nominees for the nominating category “Best ballot question we should have included but didn’t.” The choices in those categories are the top nominees from a bonus round of nominations (December 2020-January 2021).

Thank you to everyone who made nominations and voted—and congratulations to the winners, runners-up, and all the finalists.

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      Things you should know about Best of Chicago voting:

      • There are two rounds of voting for each category: open nominations and final on the top nominees for each individual Best of Chicago category. (Generally, there are five top nominees, more in the case of ties—or fewer if fewer nominations received.)

      • We reserve the right to exclude any suspicious, abusive, or nonqualifying nominations or votes.

      • Yes, you can vote for yourself, your friends, and for your and your friend’s business.

      • You can change your votes or vote in additional categories anytime before the polls close by coming back to this ballot and using the same e-mail address you used before. (Find the “Already Entered?” link at the top of the ballot if your e-mail address is not displayed.)

      • Use #bestofchi on social media to spread the word!

      Nominations: November 11-December 8
      Bonus round of nominations: December 22-January 5, 2021
      Voting: January 15, 2021-February 8, 2021
      Best of Chicago issue: March 18, 2021