Readers’ Poll Winners
Best athlete you’d resurrect to play another game
Best local athlete
Best draft selection
Best sports blog
Best Blackhawks bar
Best Bears bar
Best Bulls bar
Best Cubs bar
Best Sox bar
Best place to watch college sports
Best neighborhood park
Best dog park
Best alternative to the lakefront path
Best organized bike ride
Best public golf course
Best billiards
Best bowling alley
Best canoe/kayak rentals
Best beach
Best sailing school
Best gym
Best personal trainer
Best yoga studio
Best pilates studio
Best public pool
Best YMCA branch
Reader Critics’ Picks
Best national anthem
Best rehab project
Best place to park for a Sox night game
Best teammate on a pro sports team who hardly ever plays
Best place to see an improbable comeback or sickening collapse on the gridiron
Best local sports team
Best year-round team for breast-cancer survivors
Best place for lawn bowling
Best place to watch cricket
Best fake dinosaur
Best intersection to watch people do stupid shit on their bikes
Best book about Chicago baseball losers