Love and Information at Trap Door Theatre Credit: Courtesy of the artist
Credit: Tracy J. Lee

It’s not uncommon for newbies to leave Trap Door wondering what just hit them. Since founding the 45-seat Bucktown company over 25 years ago, Beata Pilch has specialized in “obscure” works by eastern European playwrights, many of them raucously absurdist and—at least initially, sometimes—emotionally and intellectually confounding. Whether it’s David Lovejoy in Mark Brownell’s fabulously queer Monsieur D’Eon Is a Woman or the repurposed Greek mythology of Elizabeth Egloff’s The Swan, Trap Door productions tend to leave audiences thinking and, perhaps, slightly stunned. But the house that Pilch and collaborators (including managing director and actor Nicole Wiesner) built isn’t restricted to the tiny space that for decades didn’t have its own restrooms. Pilch has taken the company to perform in Romania, Stockholm, Berlin, and Paris. Whether it’s in town or way off-Loop, Trap Door remains a place where myth, history, and revolution live and breathe, twined into the triple helix of the company’s unique DNA. —Catey Sullivan

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