As a nonathlete and lifelong Chicago sports fan, I do more than my share of sitting in a chair and grumbling at televisions. Hey, we all have a role to play in the great game of life. There were certainly a lot of non-sport-related reasons to grumble in 2020 but then . . . the freaking Bears. The 2020 Monsters of the Midway came on strong and full of hope and then dissolved into a pile of tears and confusion, like a teenage boy desperate to lose his virginity. Perhaps they threw too much money into their pass rush and not enough into, uh, building a decent offense and reinforcing their quarterback leadership, but what’s the point of caring when we know that the front office makes insane decisions like not seeing the worth of championship winner Patrick Mahomes when he was available? And some of us were already done with it after Halas Hall had the chance in 2019 to perhaps bring on the talent and star power of one Colin Kaepernick, and passed, giving us yet another season of Much Ado About Trubisky. Perhaps the secret plan was to keep us distracted from the insanity of life during a pandemic with illogical front-office moves, dumb plays, and a heartbreaking underutilization of some of the best defensive players we’ve had since the ones y’all know from the “Super Bowl Shuffle.” In that case, thank you so much, 2020 Bears season. You gave me enough agita that I forgot about all the other ailments for a few weeks.