from the salsa bar at Pollo Vagabundo
  • Mike Sula
  • From the salsa bar at Pollo Vagabundo

This week in Omnivorous, after whittling down the “best” restaurants of 2010 (still hate that word), and the other notable openings, I set myself the task of cataloging each memorable bite and sip I ingested in the last year (in Chicago). I tried to limit myself to 50. Then I hit 100 and couldn’t stop. It was good year for eating.

In no particular order:

(1) Chocolate banoffee and (2) rabbit confit pasta, Owen & Engine
(3) Charcuterie plate, (4) testa cake, (5) french fries, Balsan
(6) Fried chicken liver, (7) cioppino, (8) cassoulet, Branch 27
(9) Lotus root with house-cured bacon, Sun Wah
(10) Wagyu and brandade, (11) grilled cheese, Sprout
(12) Oxtails, Cafe Laguardia
(13) Dover sole meuniere, Henri
(14) Hamachi collar, (15) superpremium California Tamaki Gold sushi rice, Arami
(16) Charcuterie plate, (17) maatjesharing shot, and (18) chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse, Vincent
(19) Pure teff injera, Kukulu Market