On March 25, Nonesuch Records will release Abraço, the final album in the remarkable trilogy that Brazilian legend Caetano Veloso cut with a young, guitar-driven trio. That began in 2007 with . On that record and the ones since, Veloso has been fusing his deep, inherent facility in samba and bossa nova with raw-edged indie rock, an unexpected turn that represents merely one of many stylistic detours he’s taken in his five-decade career. Abraço—the title means hug—was released in Brazil in 2012; I don’t know why its U.S. release has taken so long, but there’s no reason to complain now. The sound isn’t quite as startling as it was seven years ago, but the album is another excellent piece of work that, like its predecessors, features Veloso singing better than ever—to hear his delicate yet powerful quaver against the sharp-edged guitar of Pedro Sa and the propulsive yet sympathetic drumming of Marcelo Callado remains a special treat. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is the album’s opening song, “A Bossa Nova É Foda.” Check out the video for it after the jump. Veloso is slated to tour the U.S., and here’s hoping someone around here steps up and makes sure he schedules a stop—it’s been a dozen years since he last performed in Chicago.