One thing Absolutely Not has never been short on is blown-out, hyped energy. Since I first wrote about ’em back in 2011 the spazzy garage-punk trio, fronted by Donnie Moore, has been honing its caffeinated sound, whittling it into the spanking-new EP Haunted House Pizza Party, which is quite probably the hookiest and most focused of the local band’s releases to date. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “A Hole in Yer Heart,” is part snotty, lo-fi Pop Rocks pop-punk and part sci-fi squiggles—the guy and gals have never not had an affinity for over-the-top synth laser sounds. It’s playful, to the point, and catchy as all hell. You can hear the whole EP via Absolutely Not’s Bandcamp page, or you can snatch up one of the few cassettes available through Eye Vybe Records.