Apparently everyone in Chicago was at the Congress Theater on Thursday for the Refused reunion tour. Hell, even I was there, and I hate Refused. That said, I’ve always kind of dug the scene around Refused in their native Sweden. One of my favorite records of 2006 was Alienated by the Vicious, a no-frills punk band with Sara Almgren, a member of (International) Noise Conspiracy, on guitar. The Vicious eventually morphed into Masshysteri, another excellent Swedish punk band. In 2008, former Refused members Dennis Lyxzen and David Sandstrom reunited, threw all the stupid pretension and lame posturing of their past band out the window, and formed AC4. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Fuck the Pigs” from AC4’s 2010 self-titled LP, available stateside on Deranged Records. Take a listen to this blast of Minor Threat-biting punk-rock fury— you may never want to hear Refused again.