The search for a summer jam is on, and I think I’ve found a great tune, or at least one I know I’ll be blasting all summer: “Teenage Hate” by Philly-via-D.C. pop-punk trio Ambulars, which is today’s 12 O’Clock Track. With its surf-rock beat, sunny guitar riffs, and Michael Cantor’s sweet, sincere, and plain singing—Cantor’s voice has an everyman punk vibe to it, and he comes off as someone who could hold his own in a school choir without any interest in being flashy—”Teenage Hate” is the kind of pop song that beckons you to run to the nearest window, pop it open, and deeply inhale the fresh air. (That is, as long as the weather is compliant.) It’s a surprisingly carefree tune considering it’s about high school angst, but the Ambulars have a way of making dispirited moments sound a bit uplifting. Take a listen to “Teenage Hate” below, and grab the rest of the album it’s from, last year’s Dreamers Asleep at the Wheel, for a pay-what-you-want download.