• Lord Mantis

I’ve written about Chicago extreme-metal deviants Lord Mantis a couple times already: once last March, when they released their most recent album, Pervertor (Candlelight), and then again for the Reader‘s Best of Chicago issue in June, where I declared them the “Best Band That Sounds Like the Robot Squid From the Matrix Movies.”

There’s no new Lord Mantis record just yet, but I’ve found another excuse to revisit them: they’re playing a rare local headlining set tonight, Fri 2/15, at Cobra Lounge. Terminate (whose new Ascending to Red Heavens is streaming here), Without Waves, and Zath open. Judging by what’s been bleeding through the walls at my practice space (Lord Mantis rehearse on the same floor as I do), we’ll get to hear some new material at this show. I’d certainly expect album number three to be in the works—Lord Mantis are playing the Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands this April, and rumor has it some big-name labels are sniffing around.

As I put it last March, “I listen to some metal that would scare the paint off a lighthouse, but a few of the screams in ‘Septichrist’ and ‘At the Mouth’ still give me the willies.” I’ve posted the latter after the jump, and the particular screams I have in mind occur just past the 1:20 mark.