• The Repos

Ian’s Party is this weekend, and as usual it has a solid and stacked lineup. There is one huge bummer about this year’s edition, though, and that’s the last-minute cancellation of classic Chicago hardcore band the Repos. I’m not a huge hardcore guy, especially when it’s coming from newer bands, but this four-piece, which originally existed between 2003 and ’08, is an act worth getting excited for. These guys have been popping up every now and again over the past few years to play shows—usually at hardcore fests or at bigger-deal gigs like the Los Crudos reunions—and up until last week were scheduled to headline Ian’s Party on the night of Sat 1/4 at Township. They’ll most likely appear again, as they always do, and until then at least we’re left with a huge discography of Youth of Today-styled rippers, like today’s fast and furious 12 O’Clock Track, “Attack From All Sides.” It’s hard not to feel the pure energy and aggression when listening to this Chicago institution.

And here’s a video of the band playing at the aforementioned Crudos show in March.