A couple years ago I got hooked on Enemies List, a tiny Connecticut label that specializes in experimental projects steeped in metal and usually recorded at home. I’ve become quite enchanted by a number of Enemies List releases—at the top of the list is 2011’s Kurdaitcha, by an enigmatic San Francisco black metal duo called Mamaleek that appears to have a fondness for Middle Eastern music, jazz, drone, and hip-hop—including those by the label’s founder, Dan Barrett. The dude is part of a gloomy ambient metal duo called Have a Nice Life and he makes visceral experimental bedroom metal tunes under the name Giles Corey, and he recently launched an electronic solo project called Black Wing.

Barrett announced his new endeavor in an Enemies List newsletter back in May with a fairly simple description: “Think chillwave, but depressing, and not really all that chill, either.” He’s got a great way of making dreary atmospherics sound sublime even as he sings about something as depressing as, say, suicide (see: Giles Corey’s “I’m Going to Do It”), and the songs he’s released as Black Wing are no exception. OK, so the guy has only released two Black Wing songs so far, but they slay. Barrett dropped an unmastered demo of his second one, “My Body Betrayed Me,” earlier this week, and I fell for it quickly.

“My Body Betrayed Me” combines a stark, mechanized postpunk beat, gentle shoegaze guitar hum, feathery ascending synths, and Barrett’s cool, multitracked vocals into an uplifting, celestial tune that belies its heart-wrenching and bleak lyrics; even as he sings about dying Barrett manages to sound just a little bit blissful. Take a listen to today’s 12 O’Clock Track, and if you like what you hear download it from Bandcamp for whatever price you desire to pay.