My esteemed colleague Leor Galil and I caught a chunk of the all-day Two Piece Fest at ChiTown Futbol in Pilsen this past weekend, arriving right in the midst of the hour-long “Dinner Break.” We were told that many of the day’s acts were loud, thrashy, and powerviolence/grind-themed, though there had been some exceptions. One that was absolutely not an exception was Philly’s +Hirs+, the first duo to play following the break—an abrasive 12-minute set. Comprised of a guitarist, a vocalist, and an iSomething loaded with drum-machine rhythms that were otherworldly intense (and truly loud), the pair blew through its set—embedding plenty of sound clips in between songs, as was appropriate. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, from a 2013 split the band did with Water Torture, is called “Bong Water Torture.” It’s 39 seconds long—the second-longest track on the split—and pretty objectionable.