• Silk Degrees

UPDATE: This show is in fact taking place July 25th, but I’m nonetheless dubious that it will make it as a Soundboard write-up. The Reader‘s Soundboard calendar aims to pick some of the best shows in a given week, but the ball was really dropped this week when my colleagues neglected to include Boz Scaggs’s appearance tomorrow night at Horseshoe Casino. Sure, most of the Boz‘s catalogue is full of rush-hour staples like “Lido Shuffle,” one of the most irritating songs ever written. But a few cuts on the Boz’s 1976 album Silk Degrees are serious jams, especially “What Can I Say,” a dreamy dollop of cruise-ship soft rock laid atop the sophisticated funk of early disco. Maybe you can go to the casino, overhear “What Can I Say,” and cut out.