The latest hot regional dance to take over the country is the Nae Nae, which has outgrown its native Atlanta over the past few months. The jubilant dance had gotten plenty of national exposure through We Are Toonz’ Billboard hit “Drop That #NaeNae,” and, as New York Times critic Jon Caramanica notes, it popped up in this year’s Oscars and on American Idol. But its real crossover moment came in March when Mercer guard Kevin Canevari, well, dropped that Nae Nae to celebrate his team’s victory over Duke in the NCAA tournament. I mention the Nae Nae because it’s one of several dance moves west-side rapper Breezy Montana instructs listeners to try on his latest song, “Strike a Pose,” though most of the other moves are iterations of Chicago’s own ebullient dance, bop. Breezy Montana is one of a handful of MCs who helped create a soundtrack for bopping, and on “Strike a Pose” he forgoes the sunny synths of his earlier work for the kind of supercharged, ribcage-rattling electronic track that’s all the rage these days—as he tells me, “Strike a Pose” is the first song to mix bop with EDM. Take a listen below; it’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track.