Well before (illegal) file sharing and the era of everything reissued always, if you wanted to rip music from a friend you had to dub it with, say, a mid-80s Sansui dual casette deck from Kmart. My copy of Butt Trumpet’s 1994 masterpiece, Primitive Enema, was a dub of a dubbed cassette dubbed from a dubbed cassette and sounded like a mound of garbage bludgeoned with a sewer lid. And because the band split just after Primitive Enema (their major-label debut, on Chrysalis Records), the album quickly fell out of print, and angsty adolescent shits like myself had to take what they could get. I wore out my dubbed tape till classics like “Dicktatorship,” “Dead Dogs,” and “I Left My Flannel in Seattle” (not to mention “I Left My Gun in San Francisco”) became one giant amalgamated buzz of pissed-off mid-90s alt-rock.