Cakes da Killa’s already been lumped in with Le1f, Mykki Blanco, and all of the other gay New York rappers that other gay New York rappers always get compared to. But on “Goodies,” the first single from The Eulogy—his Mishka-sponsored follow-up to 2011’s Easy Bake Oven—he most closely resembles the Bay Area’s E-40, with whom he shares a taste for bouncy beats and cramming as many syllables as possible into every bar. The Eulogy has underground club hit written all over it, and it’s likely that it’ll inspire even more gay rapper trend pieces that are as patronizing towards the artists, listeners, and culture they’re about as they are presumably well-intentioned. The upside is that they’ll be promoting a talent that deserves attention no matter the demographics of who’s making or listening to it, whether the writers realize it or not.

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