• Camera Shy

Two bands that I’ve been listening to nonstop recently have been Whirr and Nothing, a couple of massively loud shoegaze revival acts. Nick Bassett, who is Whirr’s guitar player and primary songwriter (and a former member of Deafheaven) also plays bass in Nothing, so it makes sense that the sonic similarites—crushing layers of high-volume guitars, slow-moving tempos, dark moods, drawn-out song structures—are so blatant. A couple of weeks ago Bassett debuted a track from his new project, Camera Shy, a duo with Whirr vocalist Alexandra Morte that has almost nothing in common with his other bands. That tune is “Spin Me,” today’s 12 O’Clock Track, and it’s a simple stripped-down pop number that clocks in at a clean three minutes. Comprised of only light acoustic guitars, some layered vocals, and a couple of piano chords, “Spin Me” is pretty and dreamy, a perfect soundtrack to usher in these long-awaited warm months.