A super long time ago, when I was living in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a kid from the local punk scene put out a compilation CD that featured mostly shitty midwestern punk but through some weird turn of events also included this incredible hard-rock song called “Chainsawar” from a German band named Carnage. It was a really melodic Motorhead ripoff, with lyrics that were ESL enough to be awkward but understandable enough to make it clear that the song was about a biker gang engaged in chainsaw-based warfare in some kind of postapocalyptic wasteland. They rode “horses made of steel” and there’s a line about a “sexy denim rodeo” that was a favorite among the cult of “Chainsawar” fans that quickly sprouted up around town. Sadly it’s not on the Internet somehow, though there is a cover by Kalamazoo band Berwer that does it justice.

Anyhow, the Carnage with a single coming out on Fool’s Gold today isn’t the same act. This one makes crazy bass music, including the track “Kat!e” (featuring Chicago drill queen and Twitter addict Katie Got Bandz), which bounces between ominous trap beats on the verses and intensely ravey moombahton/dubstep laser-synth freakouts on the chorus.

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