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Two of the most ubiquitous and indispensable characters in Chicago metal started a label this spring, but you can be forgiven if you haven’t heard about it yet—it’s only got two releases, both from groups that as far as I know haven’t played in Chicago since the records came out. War Crime Recordings is the project of engineer Sanford Parker (who’s also played in Buried at Sea, Minsk, and Nachtmystium, among others) and Yakuza/Bloodiest front man Bruce Lamont. The two of them are bandmates in an intimidating new collective called Corrections House, alongside Scott Kelly of Neurosis and Mike IX Williams of Eyehategod, and not at all by coincidence the first War Crime release was a Corrections House seven-inch, “Hoax the System” b/w “Grin With a Purpose,” which came out in early April.

Today’s 12 O’Clock Track comes from the label’s only other release so far, A Time of Hunting by Brooklyn band Kings Destroy.