There are so many great ways to celebrate Independence Day, and this year I’ve got a new one: listening to Dan Deacon’s four-part “USA” suite from his excellent 2012 album, America. It’s both beautiful and harsh, which is a hallmark of many of Deacon’s best songs, and with a run time that exceeds 20 minutes, it’s also got an epic scope. Deacon just released a corresponding video for “USA” through Adult Swim; director and editor Dave Hughes made it using footage taken from around the country and warping those clips to resemble an acid-washed technicolor collage of the United States.

The video is today’s 12 O’Clock Track, but considering the song’s length I’d recommend blasting the song through a nice pair of speakers at a barbecue instead of spending that time with your eyes affixed to a computer screen. If you have to see one part of the visuals today, pay attention around the six-minute mark for a glimpse at how Millennium Park’s Crown Fountain and the Chicago skyline look after Hughes messes around with them. Speaking of Millennium Park, Deacon is playing a free show at Pritzker Pavilion a week from today—get ready for that performance by streaming “USA” below.