Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time with old Aphex Twin records, and the really surprising thing about the experience is that sounds and techniques that were shockingly new and strange back in the 90s barely sound out of the ordinary in the context of current pop, hip-hop, and EDM production—in a weird twist of fate, the aggressively avant-garde Richard D. James has been absorbed by the Top 40.

Jordan Cohen, aka Chants, seems to have some Aphex Twin in him. His last release, Onlooker, was pretty up-front about it, but his new EP, Night After (out 5/29 on Dutty Artz), is subtler. Recorded during “a relatively brutal Wisconsin winter,” according to its press materials, the EP blends ambient electronic psychedelia with recordings of the inclement weather outside Cohen’s apartment window, making for a strangely intense chill-out record. You can hear the track “Ice Harvesting” after the jump.