It’s entirely possible that you’ve never heard of Chippy Nonstop unless you lurk certain parts of the Internet where the weirder fringes of hip-hop, dance music, and Tumblr culture overlap, but within these zones she’s a superstar who manages to combine those elements in addictive and frequently hilarious ways. She’s a member of an Internet crew named Young Klout Gang after the online-presence-rating website, and her new EP, Finally Verified, plays off both the name of a Big Sean album and the recently acquired blue check mark on her Twitter page.

IRL, Chippy’s lived in Dubai, Zambia, and Canada, and currently lives in NYC, but her heart remains in Oakland, where she immersed herself in hyphy, a regional hip-hop scene that revolves around highly danceable beats and eccentric personalities. She just released a video for “Pimpin Season,” from Finally Verified, and between its rudely bumping hyperminimalist beat and Chippy’s not-giving-a-fuck raps it’s a solid number one right now on the Weirdo Summer Jams chart. Check out the video and stream the EP after the jump.