Editing together pieces taken from the entire Fugazi discography into an instrumental album seems like a stunt promo move right out of the Girl Talk-wannabe book, but Chris Lawhorn‘s Fugazi Edits stands on its own. Some of the album consists of tweaky abstraction a la Oval, but a lot more of it serves to highlight the searingly inventive postrock band that lurked behind Fugazi’s ascetic reputation. A couple of tracks even kind of sound like Clams Casino, which I’m definitely cool with.

Fugazi Edits is the result of two years of work by Lawhorn, a professional DJ and former hardcore kid who played drums for a band called Cataract Falls. The project has Ian MacKaye’s blessing, and profits from sales of the record will be split between a pair of charities.

Stream the dreamy “Floating Boy / Rend It / Downed City / Argument” after the jump.