• Streetcleaner

The thing music bloggers most loved talking about this week was Kanye West’s brand-new, industrial-influenced LP Yeezus, and as much as I wanted to jump on board and make today’s 12 O’Clock Track that one song where he’s rapping about his “damn croissants,” I decided to go with another bit of industrial news from the past few days: the announcement that industrial metal pioneers Godflesh are heading stateside for a reunion tour this fall. The ultra-heavy, drum machine-driven project—founded in 1988 by former Napalm Death guitarist Justin Broadrick—will be arriving at Metro on Tue 10/22. The band originally broke up in 2002, but have been making sporadic festival appearances since 2010, and this will be their first full-fledged tour since the reunion. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Christbait Rising” off their landmark 1989 LP Streetcleaner, and it’s one of my all-time favorite songs. Drum machines clank and scrape by, creating an eerie cyber-racket, while Broadrick and bassist G. Christian Green lay down impossibly heavy riffs on top. Broadrick’s vocals—guttural and processed to sound like some sort of gigantic monster—make the whole thing sound like something out of a nightmare. After this record dropped, heavy music was never quite the same.