• The cover of the new seven-inch Code Orange Kids share with three other bands

“Less is more” may be a tired-out adage, but there are times when it can be trusted. Code Orange Kids beat that maxim bloody with their fleeting but doomy hardcore cuts. This Pittsburgh four-piece can wring hefty doses of unhinged fury from its short songs.

Hard-headed newcomers to the hardcore scene, last fall Code Orange Kids released their debut album, Love Is Love // Return to Dust, which runs less than 30 minutes. With their recent single “VI (Worms Fear God // God Fears Youth)” they’ve departed from their usual chewed-up slayings to swan-dive into macabre goth rock. It takes up three minutes of a just-released four-band seven-inch (also featured are Tigers Jaw, the World Is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, and Self Defense Family) with murky riffs and gravel-truck vocals. The track moves at a sluggish pace compared to their pulse-quickening album cuts, and it’s a welcome display of restraint. The Kids keep their teeth sharp and at the ready, even during the almost contemplative guitar-fanning intro—these guys can sound taut and intense even in the quiet bits. That’s part of the thrill of listening to them—counting the seconds until your blood curdles and your eardrums wave a white flag.