With its faddish popularity and extremely low barriers to entry (you don’t even need to find a drummer), indie electro-pop has attracted probably the most mediocre collection of musicians on the pop-music landscape. Way too many of promos I receive are indie electro-pop records with absolutely nothing to distinguish them from the literally dozens of others I receive every week. Consequently whenever I put on a new song and find myself confronted by simplistic drum programming, mannered retro synthesizers, and a sensitive twentysomething singing earnestly about something to do with love, I almost always turn it off immediately and cue up an unconscionably violent gangsta-rap track to cleanse my palate.

One of the very few indie-electro groups I actually fuck with is Color Card, the local duo of multi-instrumentalists Eden Sierotnik and Kyle Irwin. They’re not exactly unknown around town, but they deserve more recognition than they’ve got, not just for their playfully inventive production ideas and talent for coming up with genuinely pretty songs, but also because their music doesn’t make me want to throw my laptop at the wall. Their very good new self-released EP, So Long (available as a free download on Bandcamp), ought to help earn them that bigger audience.

Color Card plays a release party for So Long on August 15 at Beat Kitchen. You can stream the breezy, copacetic “I Want You (To Know)” after the jump.