When a friend recently happened across an original (and rare) vinyl copy of the Crucifucks’ Wisconsin, I was reminded of the in-depth profile Sam McPheeters did for Vice four years back on the midwestern hardcore-punk band’s provocative, often-abrasive vocalist, Doc Dart (aka 26). In it McPheeters visits Dart at his East Lansing home and dissects not so much the band’s trajectory but the instigating nature of its front man and the series of events that led him to change his name to a seemingly irrelevant number and become an eccentric recluse who opted to cut himself off from the world’s news feed. It’s a phenomenal piece of writing by McPheeters, told fluently and knowledgeably by a man who has a stake in the same music lineage as Dart. (McPheeters began his own politically fueled hardcore band, Born Against, around the same time Crucifucks first disbanded in ’89.)