Later this month new indie book imprint Sinecure will begin shipping a coffee-table book about private press records called Enjoy the Experience: Homemade Records 1958-1992, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. In lieu of flipping through the pages of Enjoy the Experience I recently combed through Sinecure’s blog, which is where I discovered an outre pop project from New Jersey musician Damian Vecchioli called Damian & the Criterions. Vecchioli’s 1982 album, a jarring noisy synth effort called Avant Garde, is highlighted on Sinecure’s blog, and today’s 12 O’Clock Track is a cut from that record called “My Sweet Angel.” The shambolic tune sounds like a 50s doo-wop number that’s been submerged in acid, and it’s a great exemplar of the kind of damaged, ear-shattering songs included on Avant Garde. The album is apparently quite difficult to find, but part of me hopes to stumble upon a copy at the CHIRP Record Fair on Saturday.