• Danny Brown

One of my favorite moments at the Pitchfork festival last month came during Rustie’s absolutely destructive Saturday-night set. Around 20 minutes in, an abrasive high-pitched sneer suddenly joined the neck-breaking ruckus: Danny Brown. The set was utterly toxic, with glitches and synths tearing heads off left and right. When Brown came on, it was thrilling, and not just because he’s released so little from his upcoming album, Old—the crowd also recognized that no other rapper right now can so effortlessly snap into such a maximal, ruinous soundscape.

“Hand Stand,” produced by Darq E Freaker, wasn’t the track Rustie spun, but it too proves that the Hybrid is operating in rarely charted hip-hop territory. UK rap has been historically grimy, but not like this. Brown’s lyrics are as memorably disgusting as ever (“I will eat on them pajamas / Stay all on it like piranha”—I’ll leave it to you to figure out his meal), and all the while he outpaces sonically disgusting production. This stream is a poorly mixed radio rip that forces the beat to the top of the track, yet Brown still makes it impossible to forget that this is first and foremost a rap song. There’s a reason Kanye spits in the open spaces on Yeezus‘s most brutal beats: he knows his place. Danny Brown could care less. He’ll shred any beat, however loud and fast. Who knows if “Hand Stand” made the album, which got an October release date after Brown threatened to leak it last week. Either way, you can stream it after the jump, as well as the previous Danny Brown/Darq E Freaker collaboration, “Blueberry.”