Between his weird Internet experiments, his weather forecasting, and assorted other polymathic ventures it’s easy to forget sometimes that, oh yeah, David Lynch makes records too, and that some of them are actually pretty great. He has a new one called The Big Dream coming out July 16 on the extremely in-fashion NYC label Sacred Bones, home to the Men, Psychic Ills, and Cult of Youth.

The album’s first single, “I’m Waiting Here,” just hit the Internet. It features Swedish singer-songwriter Lykki Li on vocals, but the music’s feel and mood is less like the bubbly electropop she’s best known for and more like the swooning 50s prom slow-dance songs he and Angelo Badalamenti dreamed up for Julee Cruise. So basically it sounds like Lana Del Rey if the vague Lynchian aura she tries to project actually worked, and was actually made by David Lynch. You can stream it after the jump, or preorder the album and receive it as an instant download.