• Deep Time

Last October I saw a duo from Austin, Texas, called Yellow Fever at the Empty Bottle. I’d never heard of the band (aka Jennifer Moore and Adam Jones), but they were opening for Wild Flag, who I’d come out for, and they made me glad I’d showed up early. Moore, who switches between guitar and organ, is a quirky singer, and Yellow Fever’s songs remind me of female-fronted acts from the early days of Rough Trade, such as Essential Logic and Liliput, albeit with more polish and hooks. I was struck by the group’s composure and stage presence, and I made a mental note to look them up when I got home. It slipped my mind, though, until I heard about them again a few months ago. They’ve changed their name to Deep Time and signed with Seattle’s Hardly Art label, which is releasing their self-titled debut album next Tuesday. I listen to so much music as part of my job that I often have a hard time remembering rock bands’ names, much less specific songs, so it’s high praise coming from me that some of these tunes, especially “Coleman,” triggered memories of that one show I’d seen eight months ago. The whole nine-track album is terrific, filled with herky-jerky rhythms, ultracatchy melodies, Moore’s eccentric new-wave singing, and sophisticated vocal harmonies. The song “Clouds” is today’s 12 O’Clock Track.