• Afraid of Heights

Next week Nathan Williams of Wavves will be releasing a new record, Afraid of Heights (this time around on Mom + Pop) and today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Demon to Lean On,” the record’s lead-off single. It’s more of his signature slacker-punk, but seems to lean slightly less toward the pop side than 2010’s King of the Beach (which I’ve heard more than one person compare to Blink-182) and more toward 90s grunge. The verse’s guitar licks and tones are pulled straight from Nevermind and the song’s quiet-loud-quiet dynamics are a staple of everything post-Pixies. One thing that “Demon to Lean On” doesn’t borrow from 90s West coast rock is the misery and self-loathing often associated with it. This jam still has a big, sunny hook and sugary melodies piled on top of its pummeling choruses. The video for the song is after the jump.