Riot Fest is in one week, and holy crap, I am actually bummed that I’m going to be out of town for it. Riot Fest is the sort of thing I usually have a hard time getting behind. I like to listen to music because I think it’s great, not because I used to think it was great when I was younger. And though Riot Fest books plenty of acts that transcend time and will always be awesome (the Stooges, Elvis Costello, the Jesus & Mary Chain), most of the bands are merely there for nostalgia. I mean, do we really need a Less Than Jake set in 2012?

I went to Riot Fest last year to catch the Descendents, another band that will always be good no matter what, and I was amazed at how excellent their set was. Punks have a tendency to age ungracefully (remember Glenn Danzig’s behavior at Fun Fun Fun Fest last year?), but these guys killed it. The Descendents are playing the fest again this year, and even though I’m going to be out on tour with one of my favorite bands of all time ever, I’m still disappointed that I won’t be able to relive the excitement I felt last year hearing spot-on live renditions of “Suburban Home” and “Hope.”