Guilty of Everything

  • Guilty of Everything

It’s always interesting to see what happens to hardcore kids when they grow out of being young and angry. My current musical obsession is one of these cases: Nothing is a postrock-influenced shoegaze-revival project fronted by Dominic Palermo, once known as “Nicky Money,” former front man for the hyperaggressive mid-aughts Philly hardcore band Horror Show. The brand-new Guilty of Everything by Nothing comes out this Tuesday, March 4, on Relapse, and shares absolutely no sonic similarities with Palermo’s hardcore past. Instead it falls somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and Hum, with massive guitar tones, dreamy synth layers, and hushed vocals—it brings a whole new deeper meaning to posthardcore. The record as a whole is beautiful and loud as all hell, crammed with dramatic dynamic swells and rich, engaging melodies. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Dig,” my favorite song off the record.

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